Independent comics to read

What I am going to try to do in this post is give some suggestions on some really entertaining independent comic books. I will try to list something for everyone, and hopefully you can find something that will fit your fancy.


One of my favorite comic books is East of West, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Nick Dragotta. It is a story about an alternate future where there was no winner of the U.S. Civil War, and the U.S. was separated into different territories. Now, the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse have come to bring to end of the world, except one is missing, Death himself. It’s an awesome book with action, drama, and just a really layered story. And the art really pops. Nick Dragotta really brings the characters to life, and each issue is a page turner. The series is currently at issue 7. I really recommend getting the trade paperback, which collects the first five issues. You won’t regret it


The Walking Dead is a really interesting take on a zombie apocalypse. In this book, Robert Kirkman takes you through how the world, and more importantly the people, will change if a zombie apocalypse were to occur. He does a tremendous job of character development, and really focuses on the relationships that are developed between the people in this world. Very good look at human nature and how people may react if the world they knew changed basically overnight. This series is up to issue 118. A good jumping on point is issue 115. But I really recommend investing in the compendiums or the trade paperbacks. You won’t be disappointed.


Morning Glories was something that I didn’t really think I would be interested in. I mean, most of the main characters are teenagers. Usually, not my cup of tea. This book surprised me. It’s really deep, with plenty of twists and turns. I often catch myself rereading sections, because I missed something. The depth of the book is amazing. This series is up to issue 32. I really recommend getting the trades, because you have to read everything to fully appreciate it.


Lazarus is another sneaky good read. I was surprised at how good it is. It’s another post-apocalyptic take on the world. In this one, the world is ruled by families, who have divided it up into territories. This book is full of intrigue and drama. With some good action thrown in. The art really fits the feel of the story. Don’t sleep on this one. This series is up to issue 5, with a trade paperback collecting the first four issues.


For something a little light and silly, I suggest Adventure Time. This book is all about the laughs, and lives up to it. If you like the show, you will love this comic. They definitely took the time to get the feel of the show, and they nail it.

There are a TON of other books out there, but I think this is a very good sorting point. These books will grab you and show that comic books aren’t just for kids. Laters

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