Green Arrow mid season finale review (some spoilers)


Well, the mid season finale of Arrow aired, and I must say I was geeking out throughout the episode. There was just so much going on. So many things were revealed. It was easily the best episode of the show so far. It’s really taken the ball, and run with it.

Like all shows on the CW, they have to have some kinda angst and love triangle going on. It’s not really needed in a show like this, but it kinda fits the feel of the network. The action and drama, though more than makes up for it. There is really good chemistry with the cast, and the show really has a good flow. I like how they have developed each character, and how they use Ollie’s(Arrow) flashbacks to give depth to the show and his motivations. This episode, they added hallucinations to really spice things up. I am really excited for the second half of this season, which starts January 15,2014. That day can’t come fast enough.

Now, they used this episode and the previous episode as a kinda back door pilot for a Flash spinoff show and ¬†they have hooked me for that as well. They have really nailed the character of Barry Allen. His characterization is spot on with the comics. And they really got his origin. so, I say bring on The Flash. Gotta be better than that styrofoam suit Flash from the 80’s.


As I was watching the episode, I was like why does the name Cyrus Gold sound so familiar. Then a friend of mine tweeted Solomon Grundy, and I was like Holy Crap!!! So, DC has added yet another villain to Arrow. They keep adding layer after layer, and I love it. I mean, they have Merlin, Ra’s Al Ghul, league of assassins, Brother Blood, Count Vertigo, Deathstroke, and now Solomon Grundy. That’s a lot. Yet, they treat each on with respect, and they just add to the show. That can be hard to do at times, but they are pulling it off.


The end of the episode, revealing Slade Wilson as the mastermind behind Brother Blood was just brilliant. It really raised the level for the second half of the season. And they got Slade’s look. It’s like they brought him to life straight out of the comics.

The Arrow mid season finale was awesome. This episode shows what can happen when u really breath life into a comic book mythos. Hopefully they can keep this up, and give The Flash the same treatment. Laters

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