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Well, a new year is about to start, and everybody is going to be hitting the gym to try and lose them holiday pounds. And come February or March, 95% of the people will fall back into their same old ruts, until the following January. I see it every year and I know you have too. Hell, I used to be in that 95%. What I am going to try to do here is give you a few tips on how you can stick it out and reach your goals.

First thing is, realize there is no such thing as an overnight success. Especially when it comes to fitness. You are not going to lose 20 lbs a week or some other craziness. It’s going to take time. So don’t expect six pack abs after one week in the gym. If you are realistic, it will be a lot easier to not be disappointed when you don’t look like the people in those infomercials.

Next, don’t look at the scale every day. Or every other day. Or every third day. At the most, weigh yourself once a week. And that’s the max. The first month in the gym, I wouldn’t weight myself at all. Just work hard, and don’t put undue pressure on yourself. That’s all the scale does in the beginning. So, ignore the scale, you will thank me later.

Find a workout partner. This person doesn’t actually have to workout with you. Or even live close to you. They just have to be someone who can keep you motivated to workout, and vice versa. My brother is my workout partner, and he lives in a different state. We share notes, compare workout routines, we motivate each other to hit the gym even when we don’t want to. I have really hit my stride thanks to him.

Pick a workout routine, and stick to it. Like I said earlier, nothing happens overnight. It’s going to take time to get the body you want. So, pick a workout routine that fits you and stick to it. Don’t be swayed by the infomercials, or what your friends are doing. Pick something that YOU want to do. You are more likely to stick to it and really see results.

My last tip is, drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated. Drink 12 glasses of water a day, at least. This will help in many ways. It will flush out your system. You will be hydrated from your workouts and you will feel fuller, longer. So you won’t be as prone to binge eat.

I think if you follow these tips to start, you will see gains sooner in the gym and you will be more apt to really get your monies worth from that gym membership that you shelled out for. Laters

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