Dallas Cowboys and why they broke my heart

I have been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys for as long as I can remember. Ever since I saw that silver star, I was hooked. I remember crying when Dwight Clark caught that touchdown against Everson Walls. I wanted to be Tony Dorsett, or Drew Pearson. I used to know every player on the roster, what college they went to, the whole nine. I used to pick with my cousins when the Cowboys beat the Redskins, and avoid them when the Redskins beat the Cowboys. I was a diehard fan, is what I am saying.

When the Cowboys struggled in Tom Landry’s final seasons, I just knew he could right the ship. I knew he could fix what was broken. Yet, he wasn’t given the chance. Jerry Jones bought the team, and unceremoniously fired Landry. In his place, Jones hired the hot shot coach from the University of Miami, Jimmy Johnson. The whole Dallas culture changed. They had gone from one extreme to the other. The first couple seasons was a struggle. They went 1-15, then 7-9, then 11-5 and the playoffs. They went on to win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years, and I was on cloud nine. I was loving life.

Then Jerry Jones ego overshadowed the success. Jones couldn’t take that Johnson was getting all the attention. So Johnson left after the second Super Bowl win, and Barry Switzer was hired. Switzer lead the Cowboys to their last Super Bowl win, and seemed to have a handle on things. Then, the roster got old, and free agency took its toll, and it became evident to everyone that the Cowboys needed to make a change. They have gone through a litany of yes men coaches since Johnson was forced out. All except Bill Parcells, who was a proven winner. Parcells seemed to be having the once great franchise going in the right direction, until Jones ego once again reared it’s ugly head. Parcells retired, and another yes man was hired as coach. Wade Phillips couldn’t get the job done either, and Jones hired Jason Garrett to return the team to greatness.

This brings us to the current state of affairs. As I said earlier, I am a HUGE cowboys fan. They are my favorite sports team. Period. The 2013 has been almost unbearable. I mean, the litany of terrible things that have happened, is just crazy. And the sad part is, they still control their own destiny for the playoffs. They have a HISTORICALLY bad defense. The head coach has NO IDEA on how to manage the clock. He has no idea on how to protect a lead, or a very bad defense. And the quarterback, is a gunslinger to a fault. Sometimes he just does the dumbest stuff ever on a football field. If they played even close to their talent level, they would be challenging for the best record in the NFC.

And that’s what has broken my heart. I just don’t understand how they REPEATEDLY make the same mistakes. They don’t even lose by different ways. They always lose the same freaking way. These people make millions upon millions, and haven’t learned anything. I honestly hope the Cowboys miss the playoffs. I hope that Jerry Jones looks in the mirror one day, and realizes that he is not the man to be GM of this great franchise. That he needs to hire competent people, and stay in the owners box. That all I want for Christmas.

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