Obstacle course races


Three years ago, my brother told me about about a race he was going to run. It was a 5K, with obstacles. He asked me to run it with him, and I obliged. My thinking was that it would be a very good bonding exercise for my brother and I. I find running to be boring, but I thought the obstacles would be a good way to mix it up.

So, I began training. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had looked at a YouTube video or two, but it didn’t give me the full perspective. I added some more running to my workouts, just to be ready for the 5k. I figured with my weight training, the obstacles would really be an issue. Just needed to improve my endurance for the running.

Race day had arrived, and I rode with my brother to the site of the race. And, let’s just say I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. There were people in all kinds of costumes. I mean, people were dressed up in mascot suits, tutus, body paint, the list goes on. I thought I was at a cosplay convention. I thought it was funny, and interesting, that people were dressed up like this for the race. Come to find out, that is part of the fun for some people. They love the camaraderie of the race, and the togetherness of it all.

Well, it was time for our heat to start. They play some music to pump us up, and and then shoot flames into the air to start the race. As I start running, I start to realize that I didn’t properly train for this race. It was a trail run, with mud, water, and leaves everywhere. We started up the first hill, which was pretty steep. It was a struggle. Then the obstacles started. There were rope climbs, and beam walks, and monkey bars. We had to crawl in the mud, under barb wire. We had to slide down a hill, like a big slip and slide. We had to cross a stream, and run on a beach at a lake. It was all overwhelming. I soon lost track of my brother. My only goal was to finish, at this point.

Needless to say, I was BEAT by the end of the race. I was sore everywhere. And you know what, it was the most fun I have had in ages. I felt like a kid again. I was proud of myself for not quitting. And I had new motivation for my workouts. I knew what to expect. I have really stepped up my game when it comes to running. I couldn’t wait to run my next race. The following year, I ran 4 races. Last year, I ran 3 races. I plan on running 4 or 5 more this year. I can’t wait. I will be posting the races I plan on running, and maybe I will see some of y’all out there. Until then, laters.



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