He’s 50???

Well, I’ll be damned. One of my FAVORITE male crushes has turned 50 today. I still don’t believe it, but yep, he’s 50.

Happy Birthday to the handsome HUNK, Brad Pitt

[photo cred: Getty Images]

Brad Pitt was born December 18th, 1963 (goodness he really IS 50) in Oklahoma. He was married to the hottie, Jennifer Anniston (remember THAT drama), divorced and then got into this Brady Bunch relationship with Angelina Jolie (her lips tho). They adopted like 20 kids and had 3 children of their own, CAYUTE kids might I add. I’d love to have a baby with THAT hunk anytime. *waves* #HEYBOO to Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt has been in so many movies, I’m listing my favorite because, well I can. lol. In no particular order.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: The sex scenes ALONE just makes it one of my favorites. The sex scenes, the violent sex scenes. The passion written all over their faces. I could totally see why Brad left Jenn for Jolie.

Fight Club: HELLOOOOOOOO do you NOT see how fine he looked in that movie! HAMMERCY!!


Se7en: Albeit no sex appeal was oozing from this movie, it was an excellent and classic film.

Ocean’s 11: This is the only movie I saw in this series, really not sure WHY, but Clooney AND Pitt. Every woman’s fantasy.


There’s more, but I won’t subject you to my dirty thoughts.

As what can be construed as a birthday gift, Madame Tussauds, unveiled a “Brangelina” wax figure couple.

Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Happy Birthday, Brad Pitt, from all of us at VixenVarsityUniversity!

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