Guilty Pleasure Song of the Week

Every week there will be one of our “Professors” or more who will share their guilty pleasure song. DontJudgeUsDammit HA!

My choice is from Vampire Pharrell Williams (does he EVER age? does he go out during the day? I got questions dammit!). Pharrell scoring both Despicable Me soundtracks never disappointed me, they’re BOTH enjoyable.


This song, “Happy”, makes me HAPPY. 60’s/70’s feel, I can do the “Mash Potatoes” the “Sprinkler” and the “Twist” to this song and have FUN! Heck, remember the “swim” dance? No? Ok, so I’m like 59 don’t mind me. I clap along with this song and sing my heart out. When I’m in a crappy mood, I turn this song and leave it on repeat, in due time it WILL get me smiling and toe tapping.


[Listen on Soundcloud]

OR watch the video below


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