Battle Rap 101


Good day folks. My name is No Mercy and I’ll be your goto guy for battle rap here on Vixen Varsity. I love battle rap and have been watching it ever since Jae Millz battled Sire Castro on SMACK DVD (Long time ago right?). I’ve been in tune with battle rap nonstop since then for the simple fact I find it amazing. I feel being able to command a crowd and have them anticipate EVERY word you say with nothing more than your voice is very impressive. It’s another creative side of hip-hop and I enjoy mostly every minute of it.

As far as where I stand in the battle rap community I’m known for my vlogs where I predict the outcome of future battles and vlogs for recaps of events that I’ve attended live. Needless to say when you’re dealing with opinions, you’re gonna make people upset. Battle rap is no different than the sports you see on TV. The debates that take place are similar to what you hear when you walk into a barbershop full of football, basketball and baseball fanatics. Some love me for my opinions on it and some don’t. But I’m always fair, honest and remain neutral through all discussion simply using facts to explain my points.

I also run my own battle rap league called TrapHouse NY. Our main focus is breeding new talent and I help lesser known battle rappers get shots at battling people with bigger names once we test them on our stage. So far 2 battle rappers that battled on our stage. wound up on URL after battling with us, so our plan is working. I’m always looking for new faces to bring to the world.

On Vixen Varsity I’ll be posting new battles to keep you guys updated on what’s going on in battle rap. I’ll also be posting old battles for new fans to see what turned battle rap into the growing phenomenon it is today. If you guys have any questions involving battle rap just let me know and I’ll be happy to post blogs answering them.

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