App of the week: Picplaypost

I discovered a pretty cool app this week, Picplaypost. It’s an app you can use to make video collages. It is really simple to use and a nice way to do something a little different with your Vine or Instagram videos.



You start by picking how many videos and or pictures you want in your collage and the layout of your collage. You can then edit your video for length, then add a filter. You can also edit the border of your collage.


After you have finished editing your videos or pictures, you can then determine if you want the videos to play at the same time, or in sequence. You can determine the sequence they play in if you want to switch it up. You can even add music to your collage.


Once you have finished editing your collage, you can save it to your device, or post it on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Viddy, or send it to your friend by text or email. I really like this app for its simplicity. And it gives another tool to all us amateur videographers. If you make a lot of videos with your phone or tablet, I definitely suggest you get this app.

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