Game of Thrones Season 4


I’m still healing from “The Red Wedding” episode, I honestly do NOT think I will EVER get over that episode. I was even tempted to drop this show from my DVR, but I won’t because…I HAVE to see how this plays out.  Game of Thrones is DEFINITELY on the “What To Watch” List…hands down.

If you want to relive the horror of “The Red Wedding”

This is the 4th season of Game of Thrones and more than likely it will premier early spring of 2014.  HBO posted a promo video that just has me READY for the next season.

As usual it doesn’t tell MUCH, BUT Sansa is SMILING!!!!!!!! Why is she smiling, who knows, but she’s SMILING! Sansa hasn’t smiled since, hell, who knows when. I hope Joffrey is killed this season or be exposed as the fake that he is…one can only hope.

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