Got that Obama Care for the LowLow


Talk about BRANDING. A drug bust in Massachusetts, uncovered 1200 packets of “Obama Care” heroin. People are trying to apply for ObamaCare and now they can get Obama Care to get high as hell.

According to

Trooper Joseph Petty stopped a vehicle with four people in the Town of Hatfield on Friday morning after noticing the vehicle was committing several traffic violations. Tyler Robenstein and Ashley Beaulieu of Vermont and Marquese Jones and Sherod Green of New Jersey were taken into custody and face conspiracy to violate drug laws and possession charges. The driver, Robenstein, was charged with speeding, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and failure to change lanes for an emergency vehicle, police said.

Seriously? If you KNOW you have items in your possession that are AGAINST the law, WHY would you NOT obey the traffic laws to the best of your abilities? Not condoning the bust, but goodness there are seriously some DUMBA** criminals out there. I’m glad the “Obama Care” is off the streets.

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