The Annihilation Of Anderson Silva Was No Accident


Ever since former UFC middleweight champion and MMA God Anderson “The Spider” Silva was taken down and mounted by a dehydrated shell of a man in Travis Lutter way back at UFC 67, it was widely believed that some of the tools needed to beat him included being a strong wrestler and having rocks for fists. But after we witnessed Silva dismantle Dan Henderson and submit Chael Sonnen we all wondered if anyone would be able to best the champ. Even after being taken down and put in serious danger in both of those fights, Silva ended up submitting them both. Henderson via rear naked choke and Sonnen via triangle. Silva always found a way to not only win, but win in convincing fashion. So to call it an upset when Chris Weidman (who was coming off of surgery and a long layoff) KO’d Silva would be an understatement. I was devastated. Watching the man responsible for my love of MMA laying unconscious in the octagon took all the wind out of me. It left me unable to even look at MMA news for days. I wondered if I’d ever be able to enjoy this sport in a post invincible Spider world.

The only thing that got me through it was focusing on the possibility that Silva lost because he didn’t take Weidman seriously and that if he had just fought like we all knew he could, he’d have won easily. I had convinced myself that Silva’s ego caused him to lose, and that it had nothing to do with a fact that I’ve just now come to terms with:

Chris Weidman is a f***ing stud.

His annihilation of Anderson Silva wasn’t an accident. It could happen again, and my nerves are absolutely shot. But that’s what makes me so excited about this fight. After years of watching Silva win so effortlessly,  we started watching him just to see how he’d win. On December 28th Chris Weidman will give us more than a great story line, he’ll give us a chance to watch an all time great actually fight again, and I can’t wait.

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