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Another NFL regular season is drawing to a close. As the top twelve teams in the league prepare for the playoffs, twenty teams get a start preparing for the 2014 season. Some of these teams will start the 2014 season with a new head coach. On average, 5-8 teams will fire their new head coach and start looking for a new leader. I always find it interesting who gets fired and the thought process behind it. I am going to delve into who I think might be fired and why.

One job is already open. The Houston Texans fired Gary Kubiak with three games left in the season. His firing was a little surprising to me. I know they aren’t having a good season, but they made the playoffs the previous two seasons. And this season they have had a lot of injuries to key players, namely Arian Foster, but, I guess since the Texans never progressed that deep into the playoffs, the ownership and GM felt it’s time for a change. Whoever they hire next will be getting a pretty talented roster.

I think a few coaches are forgone conclusions as goners. Leslie Frasier, currently with the Minnesota Vikings is one of them, He has never gotten consistent play at the quarterback position (a common trait on this list). They are a team that always plays hard, but can’t seem to finish their opponents. I think it will be interesting who they decide to go with. More offensively minded head coach with their next hire.

I think Mike Munchak is pretty much a goner with the Tennessee Titans. They have never lived up to expectations since he has been the head man. The offense is inconsistent and lacks weapons. Chris Johnson just isn’t the back he was when he ran for 2000 yards and the defense doesn’t scare anybody. So it’s definitely time for a change in Nashville.

I will be shocked if Mike Shanahan is back as the Washington Redskins head coach next year. He has been feuding with his franchise quarterback, benching him with three games left to “protect him”. His defenses have been horrendous. They have made the playoffs once in his four years there. He has created a fire storm with the way he has handled the media. I just don’t see how he can come back and expect to have any kind of success.

Rex Ryan is another guy who I would be shocked if he is brought back. The New York Jets are obviously ready to go in a new direction. The fact he survived last offseason surprised me. Normally, when a team gets a new general manager, a new coach is usually not far behind. The Jets defenses have been pretty good. This is not a surprise really, because Ryan has a great defensive mind (he gets it from his daddy). But, the offenses have been pretty bad. They have had moments this season, but the lack of offensive weapons has really killed them. I definitely see an offensive minded coach being the next head man in Gotham.

The team the Jets share their stadium with, the Giants, may also be looking for a new head man. Tom Coughlin has dodged the firing line on more than one occasion. He has always come back strong, winning two Super Bowls. Will those two rings save his job this year? It will be interesting. Coughlin is 72, pretty old for today’s NFL. Will he want to come back and rebuild, or will he hang up the whistle? Do the Giants even want him back? This is a tough one to call. I think he will retire. It’s been a long tough season. Coughlin has had a great career with nothing really left to prove. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the Giants.

The final team that I believe may have a new head coach heading into 2014 is America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys. Now, I am a little biased. I am a HUGE Cowboys fan. Have been for as long as I can remember and, I have to say, it’s time for a change. Jason Garrett is in way over his head as a head coach. He just seems to have no clue in what it takes to be a consistent winner in the NFL. The scope of the job escapes him. The really sad part of it is I have ZERO confidence in Jerry Jones picking a competent head coach. Unless Jones checks his massive ego at the door and get REAL football people in there to make the football decisions, they will forever be a mediocre franchise at best.

Now, I have named seven jobs that are already open or I think may become open. The funny thing in the NFL is, there is always a surprise firing or two. I wouldn’t be shocked if Oakland, Detroit, or Tampa Bay fired their head coach. I just think those guys will at least one more season to right the ship. I guess we will see soon how right (or wrong) I am. Laters


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