The BlackList


When I first saw the commercials for this show I was INSTANTLY turned off. Oh great, another Silence Of The Lambs type of show. There’s already Hannibal on NBC, so I was completely against watching this show. Well, it just so happened that I was bored one day and there was nothing on TV because of it being the holiday season. Holidays and TV do NOT mix. Anyways, I decided to watch The Blacklist going in on the premise of it being Hannibal and Clarice.


I don’t even know where to start. James Spader is an AMAZING actor in this show. He’s just, so “matter of factly” with it. wait, lemme back up. James Spader plays, Red Reddington, a man who is wanted by the FBI, CIA and all those other abbreviations (except IRS, although I’m pretty sure they want him also.) He’s alluded captivity for MANY years and then one clear day out of the blue, he walks in to the FBI building and “lowkey” surrenders himself. Reddington negotiates a deal where he gets immunity for ALL the crimes he’s committed in exchange for him giving up criminals who are worse than the top 10 FBI’s “most wanted” list.


Cool, right? Talk about the ULTIMATE “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. There’s a catch tho, Reddington will ONLY speak to a newbie agent profiler, Elizabeth Keen. *scratches head* Uhhhh WHY?????


Elizabeth Keen is played by actress, Megan Boone, as stated previously she’s a newbie profiler for the FBI. Agent Keen just graduated a month before the show began from Quantico. Yay for her! First day on the job, Reddington surrenders and “will only speak to Agent Keen” and thus her roller coaster life begins.

I did a binge on this show, 10 episodes are out so far AND the show was picked up for a season 2. I have had no complaints or any “eye rolling” about this show. Every time I THOUGHT I was right about something, I was dead wrong. I like that in a show. James Spader is doing one kickass job playing Reddington. The quips between Spader and Keen have me laughing HARD! Reddington is such a sarcastic f**k and I love IT!!!

I’m not going to give any major spoilers, but there’s something going on that’s more than meets the eye. (Yeah I know I quoted a Transformer saying, soooo.) Every episode ties in with everything and just when you think it’s all figured out, there’s another twist and turn that you didn’t see coming.


The rest of the cast from The Blacklist

Episodes come back late January, I believe, on NBC. If you have time, check it out on demand on NBC!

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