Trust: So Fragile, So Easily Broken


According to

trust [truhst] Show IPA
reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
confident expectation of something; hope.

According to

a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b : one in which confidence is placed

Once the trust is gone, what else IS there? How can one gain back the trust that they once had? Is it even possible? When you’re in a relationship, do you automatically give that person your trust or do you adjust your trust accordingly?

Trust is so damn fragile.
Trust is so easily broken.

There are different kinds/levels of trust.

So many people I know fit into the category above. Taking whatever happened to you in your past and applying it to a brand new relationship is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster. If you can’t trust your significant other, then why be in a relationship? If you believe it’s not going to work or it’s going to be doomed before the 2nd date, then again WHY BOTHER?

Now here you go into a new relationship with an “I don’t trust you” attitude and take it out on that person because you BELIEVE that said person is going to hurt you in some way, shape or form, but in actuality it is YOU doing the hurting. I understand having your guards raised, but I also understand letting those walls down to allow trust to flow freely.

I don’t think people realize how fragile trust is, I really don’t. Once you break my trust then there’s nothing left for us to discuss. You are nothing to me. Want to gain my trust back? Ok fine, goodluckwiththat. It doesn’t mean that it can NOT happen, what it means is you’re going to have to put a sh*tload of work into gaining it back. Once trust is given and you break it, gaining my trust back is something that is hard to do. I don’t like being put in a position of being hurt…none of us do…BUT if you’re holding old sh*t when you enter a new ‘ship then you need to reevaluate yourself.

Many ways you can break someone’s trust. Cheating obviously is the main way. Cheating on someone you claim you love is a slap in that person’s face. The pain is unforgettable and in a lot of cases, unforgivable. Ever heard of the saying, “Trust is like paper, once crumbled it will never be perfect again.”

Lying is another way that can destroy a person’s trust in you. Lies are a VERY dangerous thing. Lying to someone about whatever it is, is still a lie, big or small. These kind of lies break relationships up, breaks hearts and souls. Love is SUCH a dope thing, but when you’ve been betrayed, hurt, lied to, etc. is when you hate love and that wall is built right back up.

Can you forgive that person for what they’ve done? Yes. Will you automatically give them back your trust? No. You’d be a fool to do so. Will they EVER gain your trust again? No one knows. Being hurt by the one you love, by the one who said they’ll never EVER hurt you, will definitely take more time than you have; to forgive, forget and trust again.

Trust is fragile. Don’t break the bond of trust you have with your significant others, because once it’s broken, you may not ever get that trust back again.


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