It’s Just 99 Cents


Hi. *sighs* My name is Dreamy and I’m a Candy CrushAholic.

I’ve only started playing this game back in July, due to my niece begging me to download it on my phone so she can play it when she comes over. Little did I know. *weeps* Little did I know that I am an ADDICT.

The first step is admitting, right? Well…



I have spent well over $400 on this game. *hangs head in shame* Yes, over $400. See, it doesn’t seem like it at first. It’s only 99 cents. What’s 99 cents? That’s something at the dollar store, “no biggie.” you say. Then it goes to, “Oh, I can beat this board, if I had 5 more moves.” *charges another 99 cents* You don’t pass the board, but you *KNOW* you got it if you just had 5 more moves. Just another 5, “I GOT THIS!!!” *charges another 99 cents*

“SH*T!!!!! I almost had it!” Now, you’re frustrated as all hell. You’re pissed at yourself because you wasted $2 and now the next help is 5 more movies with a candy stripe. That’s $1.99. You see the price, you’re upset, but you think, “I just spent $2 and I didn’t beat it, I can’t waste that $2, what the hell, it’s only another $2.” Then…YOU BEAT THE BOARD!!!!

*insert dancing emoji here*

Now, you made it to the end and have to either pay a ticket to get on the train to the next level OR ask your Facebook friends to give you a ticket. *sighs* “Whatever, they’re taking too long to respond to my requests, it’s just 99 cents.”

I’m here to tell you all it is NOT just 99 cents. That first 99 cents turns into serious cash before you know it. Don’t be like me. Just don’t. Don’t buy extra lives, don’t go for extra moves, just DON’T! *sighs* I know it might not help if you’re already a Candy CrushAholic, like myself, but try…just fall back some. Keep that money in your pocket.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD HAVE DONE WITH OVER $400 SPENT ON THIS DAMN GAME!!!!! *cries* That could have been shoe money, makeup. mani & pedis…but it wasn’t.

It was JUST 99 cents...or so I thought.

I am currently waiting on an update for candy crush saga, I’m at level 485, patiently waiting. I’m sure I’ll buy the ticket to go to the next board, because you know…

It’s just 99 cents.

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