Should Nike make more pairs or should buyers be more responsible?


What’s good y’all this is IcebergAk your resident sneaker enthusiast here at VixenVarsity, and I am here to discuss a great debate which has been brewing for some time in the land of sneakers. Though it is not new for folks to get robbed or fight over sneakers, in this age of social media it is even more highly publicized and scrutinized in the eyes of onlookers.

In the past few years there seems to have been an uprising in acts of violence tied to sneaker releases and more notably ┬áJordan Brand releases. (JB is a subsidiary of Nike) Folks have fought and even killed in some cases to get their hands on the sneakers they feel they need and can’t live without. Some sneaker releases sellout in minutes and even seconds online, and in store it is even worse with hundreds upon hundreds of folks waiting to purchase and stores not having anywhere close to enough supply to meet the demand. This leaves unhappy potential buyers who will do ANYTHING to get their hands on a pair, including riots, fighting over spots, robberies, and murder.

So the question stands should Nike make enough pairs to meet demand? Or should potential buyers police themselves and act accordingly when trying to purchase sneakers.

There are a few sides to this argument. Exclusivity is one of the main reasons buyers ┬átry and purchase some of the sneakers they do. Trust me there is no better feeling as a sneaker enthusiast then putting on a pair of kicks where only 30,000 pairs were made, and watching heads turn as you walk by, or getting compliments for said sneaker. Nike also knows this and they produce such limited sneakers in lower volume than normal and charge higher prices for said limited sneaker. That’s their business model and how they have been able to survive all these years. Even for sneakers with an adequate production quantity the volume is so high with folks wanting them, out of the need to fit in or just buy the hot thing everyone wants they will never be able to meet that demand. Or could they? Could Nike overproduce to meet the obscene demand in our present times? Would this stop the acts of violence we see monthly if not weekly at these sneaker releases? As a fortune 500 company with your duty to your shareholders do you try to produce to take into account the safety and well being of your end consumers? These questions are all valid but this seems to be unknown and could actually hurt Nike by them getting stuck with pairs they overproduced and could not sell.

Should they do this? My firm answer is NO.

My mom raised me to be responsible, have manners, and act accordingly in public. I’m sure all of our parents or parental figures did the same, so shouldn’t the individuals committing these stupid actions be responsible for said actions? Should Nike overcompensate for the few knuckleheads who want to mess it up for everybody, in my opinion they should not. No material item is worth fighting for or worth dying over. You didn’t get a pair tough try again next time, is it worth your life, or a stretch in jail; probably not. There have been some creative ways to try to negate this with stores doing raffles to allow pairs to be reserved essentially before release but every retailer operates at their own rules for the most part.

It’s very easy to point the finger at Nike but at the end of the day we as people need to act better, and be better. As a sneaker enthusiast ( I try not to say sneakerhead due to the tarnished name it has acquired over the years and more recently) these have been some dark times in the sneaker game and quite frankly it made me slow down from buying in 2013. I only purchased 5 pairs of sneakers in 2013 which has to be a record and a couple of those were gifts. Maybe the sneaker game will turn around in 2014, I sure hope it does for all our sakes.

Thanks for taking the time and reading you could have been anywhere in the world but you’re here with me LOL and please keep coming back to VixenVarsity.

Leave your comments and feedback as well.

– @IcebergAk


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  1. AppleSooSweet says

    this tickled me so much after not being into sneakers for so long i went last Monday to buy a pair because i need them for lzy days or to run errands and in the first store im looking and looking and i didn’t see a Jordan section. it was the oddest thing to me. i ask and the guy points me to the ugliest, oldest, non-retro pairs in the corner and tells me the rest are sold out. im still bewildered, lol. aside from safety reasons, i do think Nike should produce more sneakers… for people like me! i don’t know release dates, i don’t have the time to hawk a website to buy the sneakers i want, or extra energy to stand in the cold or heat til dawn for a store to open nor do i want to spend my rent money on kicks that are 3xs the retail price. what about me? i ultimately got the black and gold mid 1’s but i really wanted 11’s =\ damn you Nike

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