Black Monday in the NFL

Well, it’s the Monday after the final regular season games in the NFL. This day has come to be known as “Black Monday“. Don’t know why bad stuff always has to be black, but that’s a convo for a different post. Anyway, this is the day when a lot of head coaches and their staff are relieved of their duties. I did a post a little while back, predicting who might be fired today. Seems I got four right so far. Another one, I didn’t even talk about, and am kind of surprised he got his walking papers.

20131230-102821.jpgThe first show to drop was the firing of Rob Chudzinski by the Cleveland Browns. Chudzinski was in his first year as the head coach, leading the team to a 4-12 record. They lost their last seven games, and I guess management didn’t think the team was heading in the right direction. I don’t understand how they could give up on Chudzinski so fast though. He played three different quarterbacks, and they traded one of their best offensive weapons away early in the season. But, hey, it’s not my money. And Chudzinski does walk away being owed more than 10 million dollars, so I ain’t crying for him.

20131230-103741.jpgThe next guy who was fired was Leslie Frazier by the Minnesota Vikings. I called this one, as did damn near everybody else. Frazier never got consistent play from the quarterback position while he was the head man in Minnesota. Christian Ponder never lived up to his athletic potential. And when you have one of the best players in the game on your team in Adrian Peterson, you must maximize your quarterback play. And they just never could do it. The Vikings always played hard, but they never showed results in the win column, and that’s all that really matters.

20131230-103923.jpgThe third firing so far today was Mike Shanahan, relieved of his duties as the Washington Redskins executive Vice President and head coach. This parting of ways has been in the works for at least a month now. Shanahan alienated the franchise quarterback, and took jabs at the owner. Plus, he turned the team into a media circus over the last few weeks. The Redskins had only one winning season in the four years Shanahan was the head man. The team lacked depth, and wasted money. I think it’s going to be interesting who becomes the next head coach of this once proud franchise.

20131230-130508.jpgGreg Schiano was the fourth coach fired today, by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He had a rough two year stint in Tampa. The players never bought in to his program, and he rubbed a lot of other people the wrong way. The team spent a lot of money, and have nothing really to show for it. I mean, if you trade for Darrelle Revis, and run a zone defense, you fail as a coach.

This fifth coach fired on Black Monday was Jim Schwartz. Schwartz underachieved big time with the Detroit Lions. When you have the weapons they have on offense, and the studs they have on defense, and still don’t make the playoffs, there is a big problem. The team lacked discipline. That cost them many times in close games. And team discipline falls squarely on the head coach. Whoever gets this job, gets a truly loaded roster.

Well, that’s all the pink slips handed out so far. Will update if anyone else is axed. Laters

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