Chicken, my favorite white (meat).

Let me give you guys a heads up right now. A lot and I mean A LOT of my recipes will include chicken. Most of it is preference, other times it’ll be for a health issue. Hopefully, you can enjoy them like I have as I made them but I’d love to see everyone try them, tweak them and make them their own.

Chicken. Oh how I love thee. Not everyone knows this, but I am allergic to seafood(gasp!). Yes, all seafood at that. No shrimp for me. No lobster, no sushi, no clams, no oysters. None of it. I learned the hard way about this allergy. 7th grade, my class was taking Japanese and we had a field trip to a Japanese restaurant where I decided to try squid. Or octopus, I can’t remember anything except that it was squishy. Well, a couple of hours later and a swollen face, visit to the ER… Turns out, I have an allergy to all things from the sea. This allergy is what started my ever dying love for chicken.

As much as I love to cook, I’ve limited myself to certain recipes because so many require some sort of seafood. Many recipes and some failures later, I been able to substitute the wonderful sea folk with poultry. I like beef and some pork but nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to chicken in my eyes. It’s versatile. You can do so much with it, you have no idea! I can think of so many dishes that include chicken. You will see that. Forgive me if it’s too much, but enjoy them if you can. =)


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