Season 4 The Walking Dead Sneak Peeks

The Walking Dead marathon is on (yes, I’m watching it) and during the commercials there has been sneak peeks of what’s going to happen in Season 4.

Teaser Clip 1:

I so want to scream, “Carl, STAY IN THE HOUSE!” watching this clip. In this clip, Carl is CAREFULLY and SLOWLY opening up this door. It kind of reminded me of the first Resident Evil video game and once you opened it, there were 20 zombies ready to munch on you. This teaser clip…Be careful Carl!

Teaser Clip 2:

Glenn! Nooo Glenn! Man, after last season with Glenn looking like death warmed over and the midseason finale war, I’m just not comfortable with what’s going on with Glenn. This teaser clip, he looks like sh*t. I can’t have Glenn die, he’s been evolving ever since the 1st season.

Teaser Clip 3:

The walkers, the dilapidated prison and the KATANA! That’s right, Michonne baby! Sure do hope she makes it out of there with no issues. Then again, this IS Michonne we’re talking about. Not too worried about her.

Teaser Clip 4:

*gasp* Wait, are they? They can’t be! No, I refuse to believe that they’re dead…nope. So, I’m not discussing this teaser clip. AT.ALL.

Now for the teaser trailer:

The Walking Dead returns with new episodes on February 9th, 2014.

Leave a comment below about what you think is going to happen this upcoming season!

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