What 2014 Means To You… #Numerology


With 2013 behind us, the universe is moving into a very different energy. Last year represented love, family, balance & personal/work related issues. This year is all about self. That is not to be confused with thinking that this year is just ALL about “you” but it will feel like you are alone along the current year’s journey. Issues will arise that cause you to be more “introspective”; asking questions to discover one’s “truth”. You may find yourself in positions where you look more into the areas of the “unseen”. For example, you may become more interested in learning about different technologies, religions, metaphysics, numerology, ect. This is because the current year calls for everyone to expand their minds.

Since this year is going to push for you to begin searching more inward, you may feel the need to force interactions. Mainly because an “inward journey” is one that’s solo and often lonely. That said, you may try to sit on social networking sites and waste the year away in meaningless conversation and/or interaction. Don’t be confused though. “Meaningless” is not only pointing towards “social networks”…you may be drawn to interactions w/ your computer and/or television (e.g. video games, show/movie marathons, ect.) Trust me, this is the wrong way to go.

Try something.

For one day, at the start of each hour, write down everything you did during that past hour. At the end of the day, look at your list. If you see that Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Dating sites, any type of technology, ect came up on more than 50% of the list, you will understand what I’m saying. Instead of tweeting, etc, try picking up a new book, meditation, praying, focus on/start/go back to school, making an affirmation list, exercising, learning about/starting a new diet, whatever will ultimately better your physical, mental and/or spiritual self.

During 2014, you will see new self-help “gurus”, news regarding religious/technology/metaphysical/educational matters, advertising for networking sites, random show/film marathons, video game/movie information, etc take over the news, tv, internet, etc.

Gossip will be HUGE this year!!!

This is mostly because people aren’t going to want to focus on their self because as I said earlier, that “…inward journey is one that’s solo and often lonely”. Please don’t be one of these people who become “distracted”….you have a chance to embark on one of the most important voyages to something we all seek. The answer to those little questions: “Why am I here?” and “What is my purpose?”

Side note: This is not a good year to start new, “risky” business ventures, love interests or to make that “move” into a new place. Please be sure to watch your health because sickness is very possible this year…and don’t fall too far into your “vices”. That said, travel with caution.

Also, this 2014 “reading” is just what this year’s energy represents to the universe. Everybody will vibrate to the universe’s energy differently. If you would like to know how you, personally, should go about the year, follow me on Twitter at @hollywood_trey to discuss a possible personalized reading for you.

Wish everyone the best, refined 2014 possible! Let’s all vibrate as high as possible so we can be led into a lucrative, powerful 2015!!!

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