Don’t Look Back Carl – The Walking Dead

“Don’t look back.” One of the ending statements towards the conclusion of the mid season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Today AMC released a new poster of The Walking Dead, which returns on February 9th.


If any of you readers have read The Walking Dead comic book, you know that statement happened right after a pivotal and heartbreaking moment in the book.


The Walking Dead comic books are very different than the TV show. Obviously the scene above could NOT be shown on television. Lori and Judith were killed by the Governor and his people….that tank…blew them to pieces. Rick who’s missing a hand is telling Carl, “Don’t look back, Carl”. If The Walking Dead keeps on this vein with the book, just know that if you thought that the GOVERNOR was a nasty villain, you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!

I believe that we won’t get another villain til probably season 5, us fans need to recover from the loss of Herschel. Where’s the baby??? Do you think she’s…dead??? Leave your thoughts in the Class Participation section below!

Remember Feb 9th The Walking Dead is back on the air, set those DVR’s NOW and synchronize Swatch watches!

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