No, you’re not.

Preferring to keep busy doesn’t mean you have ADD. I have ADD. Using “ADD” to describe your preference for keeping yourself busy is actually quite disrespectful to the millions of people who actually suffer with this disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder is described as
“Any range of behavioral disorders occuring primarily in children, including such symptoms as poor concentration,  hyperactivity and impulsivity”, different peoples struggles manifests itself in different ways. Some are cursed with an inability to sit still long enough to have a conversation. Although you won’t catch me running around for hours on end, you will find me awake most nights without the aid of sleeping pills.

My ADD comes in the form of constant revolving thoughts. I lay down thinking about a wonderful night of sleep, and a few hours later I’m contemplating the pros and cons of Occam’s Razor and whether or not I can apply it to perfecting a recipe for potato croquettes.

During school I’d sit down with every intention of acing a test in advanced algebra/trig and end up drawing the logos of my favorite metal bands all over the test paper. When we had reading assignments I’d find myself reading the same line in a book over and over so I could absorb the information.
Not only has ADD cost me good grades during school and various jobs throughout my life, but its cost me relationships with people I care about. I find it hard to focus on conversations with people. Sometimes when people are telling me their innermost secrets my mind starts wandering and I can come across like I’m not paying attention or like I dont care. My girlfriend often has to turn my face towards hers and say “focus!” when she wants to talk to me. It’s unfair that people who are able to drop everything for me to have to go through such great lengths for my undivided attention, but I guess no relationship comes without sacrifice and  I am grateful to have people in my life who are willing to put up with me and all my various issues.

Lol I know I’m a lot of work, but that’s what pills and therapy are for.

Medicine helps, but it doesn’t make the thoughts stop. It only slows them down long enough to be a somewhat productive person. The truth is that there is no cure, all we can hope for is to develop more tools to help us cope. I wish that my only problem was that I liked to stay busy. ADD makes life hard, there’s nothing fun or cute about having to live this way. When you simply prefer to stay busy you have the option of not doing it. Those of us that suffer with ADD don’t have that luxury. So the next time you think of telling you’re friends you’re “so ADD” after realizing you dont want to stay in the house, remember what I’ve told you. And then go sit down.

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