Jay Cutler new 7 year deal with the Chicago Bears

Today, it was announced that Jay Cutler, the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, signed a new 7 year deal today. Now, terms haven’t been announced yet, but the deal is expected to eclipse $100 million dollars, with over $50 million guaranteed. The important thing to remember with NFL contracts is that the guaranteed money is the really important part of the deal. The total value really means nothing, because NFL player contracts aren’t guaranteed like in other sports.

Anyway you slice it, thats still a lot of money, especially for a quarterback who really hasn’t don’t much in the NFL. Jay Cutler is an athletic freak. He has a cannon for an arm, he can run, and he is a pretty tough guy. I can’t argue any of these things. What I will say is, the guy isn’t a winner. He hasn’t won ANYTHING. Not in college, not in the NFL. He has never really put his team on his shoulders, and led them to the promise land. And for a contract that big, he HAS to be that kinda guy. No one is putting Jay Cutler in their top ten quarterbacks in the NFL. They just aren’t. So, is it really smart money to give $50 million guaranteed dollars to a player who can’t carry a franchise?


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