Resellers: Hate em’ or can’t knock their hustle?

First and Foremost Happy New Year to you all and much success for 2014. For those who aren’t familiar resellers are individuals who buy sneakers with the sole intention to sell them to folks after they have sold out online and in stores for a higher price than retail. (Sometimes 100%, 200% and even more than 300% markup) Resellers sometimes get their hands on multiple pairs of limited releases thru side deals with employees at stores, or thru a network of multiple individuals camping out for a release.


The "What The Kobe 8's" a limited release of Kobe's 8th signature sneaker retailed at $140.00 and can be found on ebay being sold for over $400

The “What The Kobe 8’s” a limited release of Kobe’s 8th signature sneaker retailed at $140.00 and can be found on ebay being sold for over $400

Do you know how it feels to want a sneaker so much and an hour after they sell out see someone selling 10 pairs online of said sneaker? It is infuriating.  To many resellers ruined the sneaker game, they are the bottom feeders of the world to sneakerheads and I can certainly understand this thinking. Those 15-20 pairs the reseller has thru shady side deals breaking store policies, could have went to 15-20 individuals and could have made them happy at retail price. This also leads to the acts of violence we have witnessed moreso lately as folks know if they don’t get a sneaker they’ll have to pay some absurd resale price which no one wants to do. So does this make you hate resellers?

At the same time, this is their livelihood, that is their hustle and for some, how they feed their family. Should the reseller care that you didn’t get your pair when they are making such a high profit doing what they do? Of course not. Being considerate to others isn’t something that is priority. Money makes the world go round, and as long as folks are willing to pay these high marked up prices, reselling will continue to prosper.

So if you didn’t get your pair either you’re SOL or you pay the resale price. Don’t complain don’t be upset it won’t change a thing. Do some searching try to find the lowest price or sometimes folks who are willing to trade a sneaker you want for one you have that they want.

So hate em’ or can’t knock their hustle. Leave your comments.


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