First Impressions: Braverly Default Flying Fairy


RPG fans rejoice Braverly Default Flying Fairy is finally here!  Well the demo at least, the final version doesn’t release until February 7th.  I am a huge fan of old school RPGs and this game delivers on every aspect.  The demo offers 9 jobs to choose from giving you enough variety to last you in the short demo.  you are tasked with completing a number of side-quest completely exclusive from the final version of the game.  It took me about 3 hours to complete all the side-quest and I still have another optional boss to fight and remaining jobs to master.  Braverly Default looks great, the backdrops are gorgeous, and the art design resemble beautiful paintings.  The combat system is your standard RPG battle system with the addition of Brave and Default.  Default is essentially defend while building up brave points which act as action points. Each turn requires a brave point from each character and some abilities require an additional point, like the Valkyrie’s jump ability.  Brave also allows you to perform additional actions, but using up more brave points then what you have available will leave your character in a recovery state.  I am even more excited about the impending release of Braverly Default now that I have gotten a taste of what it has to offer it has quickly become one of my most anticipated games to be released.

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