Bad News Gladiators

Sorry Gladiators and Agents, ABC is changing the way that you watch their exclusive shows. Normally you could catch your favorite show the next day. Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait MUCH longer to watch your favorite show.

According to the ABC website

Starting January 6th, exclusive access to ABC episodes within one week of air will be available to subscribers of the below participating TV service providers.

AT&T U-verse
Cablevision Optimum
Cox Communications
Google Fiber
Verizon FiOS

If you subscribe to any of these participating TV providers, verify your account with a username and password by following the on-screen prompts on or in the WATCH ABC app. If you don’t have a username and password, contact your TV provider customer service department for help.

If your provider is not listed, we’re working to add more. In the meantime, you have a few options:

Check your TV provider’s video on-demand offering. Most offer next day viewing.
You can access episodes on and the WATCH ABC app a week after they air.
New episodes are also available with a subscription to Hulu Plus, or for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

YIKES! So if you have Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and DISH, you won’t be able to watch their shows unless you pay for it. If you’re not subscribed to Hulu Plus (again paying) already, then you’re going to have to wait 8 DAYS in order to watch your favorite shows on ABC.

So your options are:

1. Switch cable providers.
2. Shell out money to watch your favorite shows the next day
3. Stop everything and watch it as it airs.
4. Find a boo with the above listed cable providers and schedule a “stay at home” date.

Why do I have a feeling other networks might just follow suit. Anything for that Almighty DOLLAR. Good luck Gladiators.

*whispers* I have Verizon Fios so this doesn’t affect me. */whispers*

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