Top 5 Boondocks episodes


The Boondocks was one of my favorite comic strips of all time. Was edgy, and did a good job of what it means to be black in America. So, when they announced they were doing a cartoon, I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to see how they took that same edgy attitude, and put it on TV. And, I was not disappointed. The Boondocks was everything I expected and more. It was funny, with beautiful animation and some enlightening views. A lot of the episodes really made you think.

So, needless to say, I was disappointed when season four didn’t premiere last night. But, it did get me thinking about my favorite Boondocks episodes. So, here is my list of Top 5 Boondocks episodes. Enjoy and let me know what your favorite episodes are.

“A Date with the Booty Warrior” season three, episode nine is hilarious. The boys are taken to jail for a session of scared straight by their neighbor Tom and Uncle Ruckus. Well, of course this doesn’t go well. There is a riot in the prison, and Tom(who has a great fear of being anally raped) is chased throughout the prison by the “Booty Warrior”. It’s crazy. Huey is the voice of reason(as usual) and talks the prisoners down. It’s a must watch,

“The Fundraiser” season three, episode seven is an episode mainly about Riley, and his efforts to take over the school fundraising in Woodcrest. This runs a foul of the organization that has the fundraising racket as all their own. This leads to a hilarious confrontation in a hotel room with a great speech by Riley and some awesome action.

“The Red Ball” season three, episode three was on of the best done cartoons ever. It looks awesome. It’s easily one of the best LOOKING cartoons that’s ever been done. The premise is a kickball match between Woodcrest and China, and if the Chinese win, they will own Woodcrest. Huey is a star kickball player, who retires after he seriously injures an opponent. He comes out of retirement to help the town. It’s a great episode that is just a joy to watch.

“Date With a Health Inspector” season one, episode five is awesome, just for the dialogue. This whole episode is just a quote fest. Huey and Riley have to help clear Tom of a crime he didn’t commit before he is transferred to county jail, where he is sure to be anally raped. They enlist Ed Wuncler III(voiced by Charlie Murphy) and his army buddy, Gin Rummy(voiced by Samuel L. Jackson). This lead to mass confusion and hilarity. I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s too funny.

“The Return of the King” season one, episode nine is easily the best episode of the Boondocks. This episode is funny, smart, and really makes you think. If you don’t look at things different after seeing this episode, or if you are offended by this episode, they are talking about YOU. Lol. One of the best TV shows that I have ever seen, it’s a must see.


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