Consumers Electronics Show 2014


It’s the first full week of January, and that means it’s time for the Consumers Electronics Show(CES). This is when a lot of the electronic companies show their wares for the upcoming year.

This show used to be a showcase for all things electronic. Cell phones, tablets, televisions, computers, you name it, it was announced or previewed here. That has changed over the past few years. The really big boys, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and such, usually hold their own events for their products. Most cell phone manufactures now wait till the Mobile World Conference to debut new gear. Video game companies wait till E3.

That doesn’t mean that CES doesn’t have it’s place. This has become the time for televisions. And the bigger the better. The new hot thing is 4k(ultra high definition). They are taking televisions to another level. And the screens are getting huge. A lot of the televisions that will be announced will be over 100 inches. That will take up some serious real estate in your family room or den.

Another big thing seems to be wearable fitness tracking gear. Everybody is trying to track how you sleep, how much you walk, and what you re eating. Fitness is a very big thing now, so it makes sense companies want to capitalize on it.

There is always a surprise or two at these shows. So we shall see how it all plays out.


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