East Coast Tri State Area Bracing For A Deep Freeze

I came across this AMAZING video on Youtube, it really shows just how darn COLD it is outside.

Meteorologist Eric Holthaus demonstrates what happens when you toss a pot of boiling water into the sky when it is -21°F with a wind chill of -51°F. Video shot Jan 6, 2014 in Viroqua, WI.

To my East Coast Tri-State area readers, PLEASE be careful Tuesday and Wednesday. According to Accuweather Forecast it’s going to be EXTREMELY FRIGID, tomorrow.


That cold along with the wind chill is going to make for some VERY hazardous conditions. Black Ice GALORE! If you’re going out be EXTREMELY careful.

For the NJ Transit commuters:

COMMUTER ALERT: NJTRANSIT will offer system wide cross-honoring on Tues. Jan. 7 and Wed. Jan. 8 due to extreme cold weather conditions. Check here for school closings.

Jet Blue is halting ALL local flights at 5PM

NEW YORK (WABC) — JetBlue announced Monday it will halt all flights at local airports and Boston as of 5 p.m. due to subfreezing temperatures.

The airline will cease opearations at Newark Liberty, LaGuardia, JFK and Boston’s Logan Airport and rest crew and service planes during down time.
JetBlue officials say the decision is to ensure recovery of operations as efficiently as possible and be fully operable by Tuesday. “This plan aligns with the current weather forecast: rain/light fog at JFK this morning. After 3 p.m. ET today, flash freezing is anticipated with potential record low temperatures in the New York area down to 0 degrees F in some cases by the end of the night.”

Pay attention to your local news station for up-to-date information on this Deep Freeze. In other parts of the US, they have been dealing with this deep freeze also, Read more about it on CNN.com

On Monday morning, Nashville was 40 degrees colder than Albany, New York. Memphis, Tennessee, was 20 degrees colder than Anchorage, Alaska. And Atlanta was colder than Moscow.

My Goodness!!!

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