Congrats Sony PlayStation 4


Wow. That’s HUGE! When PlayStation 4 was released on November 18th it sold ONE MILLION units. Now here it is not even 2 months later and Sony has sold 4.2 MILLION units of the PlayStation 4, WORLDWIDE!

*applause* congrats to SONY on these amazing units sold.

It’s competitor, XBOX ONE (which I still think is a STUPID name) has only sold 3 MILLION units since it’s November 22nd release date.

Microsoft’s XBOX ONE is $500 while Sony’s PlayStation 4 is $400, a $100 difference is HUGE for some people. Another difference is PlayStation 4 is available in 53 countries and Xbox One is only available in 13 countries.

Makes me wonder if Xbox one was available in more countries and was $400 what would the difference be?

So which console have you purchased?

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