Networking Is More Than Just Sending Links To Random Online Users


What’s good y’all? I’m doing this blog as a message to upcoming battle rap talent but I feel this will be of use to people in all fields.

Networking is more than just sitting at your computer or phone sending out random links of your work. This may have worked at one point during the Myspace era but that time is over. It’s 2014 and people get swamped with so many “check out my [insert finished product or profession here]” links that people are just bypassing every link that comes into their email, mentions, or Facebook inbox. Upcoming battlers in the battle rap community are a prime example of this.

Once a battle event is finished, whoever filmed the event will most likely be editing the footage as well. Once the footage is edited it’s sent to the league owners to upload and release via YouTube or other video streaming website. Once this is done the battle will be promoted by the league and the artists that are battling. Although sending the links to credible members of the battle rap community will get you a few views it won’t guarantee full participation in the promotion of the battle (tweets quoting lines, telling other battle fans about the battle, review videos, etc.). Promoting that way will have you quit battling very quickly so here’s more effective ways to market yourself as a battle rapper.

Showing Up To Events

What do you notice in the above picture? P Diddy and Busta Rhymes are at a battle event. This was URL’s Summer Madness 2 event up in the VIP section. I was in attendance and this picture was taken just a few feet away from me. Going to battle events gives you opportunities to meet people you’d never expect. You meet fans, league owners, athletes, established battle rappers, sponsors and so many people who could be worth more to your battle career than just a YouTube view. Go to events and become active with the battle community so when people do see your links they won’t bypass them like the rest.

Extra Tip: Showing up to battle events can also get you seen on camera quite a bit especially if you go to A LOT of battle events. Your face is going to be shown in so many battles there will be quite a few people wondering who you are and they just may be running to network with you when they see you at future events.


Battle rapper Cortez probably has one of the most recognizable brands in battle rap. It’s simple, original, and when you see people wearing the brand you know for sure he’s in the vicinity. As artists you should stand out. In battle rap that window is closing due to most new battle rappers rapping the same way. You need a brand and a logo that signifies who you are in the battle rap world. When people see these logos at an event or in a battle they should know instantly that you’re there. This goes hand in hand with Showing Up To Events.

Those are just 2 pieces of advice from me for you upcoming battle rappers. More to come soon. Peace!

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