New Law and Order #SVU Tonight #BelieveBenson


Tonight Law and Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) comes back on after it’s winter finale. The serial rapist that raped and tortured Benson is BACK and by the picture below, they’re going to go head to head in court. Last season we had the hashtag #SAVEBENSON now it’s #BELIEVEBENSON

Tonight Believe Benson

Pablo Schreiber is representing himself in tonight’s episode of SVU. Schreiber, who plays William Lewis, broke into Benson’s apartment, drugged and raped her for 4 days also killed a few other people and raped another woman last season. Benson got free and beat the SH*T out of him with a metal pipe. William Lewis (Schreiber) is definitely the CRAZIEST character on SVU in it’s what, 15 year run?

Oh, if Pablo Schreiber looks familiar to you, just put a mustache on this picture and I bet you’ll recognize him.


Yup, that’s right! Pornstache! (Orange Is The New Black)

I will be live tweeting this episode of #SVU on Vixen Varsity Twitter page Follow and see you at 9PM EST!

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