Tay Roc vs JC – SMACK/URL


This battle took place at URL’s Born Legacy event in December. Tay Rock (Baltimore, MA) lost a battle to Charlie Clips back in 2008 and has been on a killing spree ever since. Most people are saying he hasn’t lost a battle since then. I agree that ALL of his battles either he won or they were debatable. He finally made his mark in battle rap by having the best battle on the biggest URL stage of every year, Summer Madness, in their third event back in 2013 against Ill Will.

JC is from (Pontiac, MI) and was one of the most consistent battlers in 2013 with having over 12 battles throughout the year. I don’t think 3 & 1/2 weeks went by without JC having a battle and that’s something rarely seen among battle rappers. Aside from 2 battles that i personally feel he lost (Young Kannon, & Yung Ill) he never has a bad performance and gives his 100% every time with either he winning the battles or them coming out classics. His battle against Chilla Jones has made alot of top 5 “Best Battles Of All Time” lists.

My Score
Round 1 – Tie (Though I preferred JC’s material some may prefer Tay Roc’s)
Round 2 – Tay Roc (Always the best round for Tay Roc for some reason)
Round 3 – JC

2-1 either way

Leave a comment below with who you think won the battle and why.

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