The Seventh and FINAL Season of Kurt Sutter’s Sons Of Anarchy

*sighs* *wipes tears*


All good things, MUST come to an end. I’ve always known that there were going to be only 7 seasons of Kurt Sutter’s “Sons Of Anarchy”, but what I didn’t realize was how QUICK these seasons were going to fly by. It doesn’t seem like later this year, 2014, will be the 7th and FINAL season of “Sons Of Anarchy”. According to Sutterink’s twitter page, there will ONLY be 13 episodes of SOA.


Wendy, Able’s mom and Jax 1st wife, has been promoted to series regular according to another tweet from Kurt Sutter.


Honestly I’m surprised to see that, after Wendy’s role in getting Gemma locked up for the fake miscarriage along with her consistent drug use. I assumed that her being dropped off by Unser would be the last we see of her or at least only seeing just a few episodes of her. This news of de Matteo promoted to series regular has my mind racing on just what exactly her role is going to be.


My take on the Wendy upgrade: Gemma is going to be completely out of her mind with the crazy things that went on in season 6’s season finale. The weight of Gemma killing Tara, Nero breaking up with Gemma and Clay being killed, that Gemma will not be able to take care of the boys, but Wendy is going to be capable. Wendy’s going to be “mom” again. I’d put money on Jax screwing Wendy during his grieving moments.

Kurt Sutter is an amazing storyteller and here it is a month later and I am still flabbergasted in the season finale. I have NEVER screamed and cried watching a television show ever! Sutter’s “Sons Of Anarchy” has turned me into a crybaby twice. When Opie died of course and season six season finale.

I can ONLY hope that Juice dies. When Jax finds out what Gemma has done, I think….no….I KNOW that I am going to be scared during that episode, terrified.

There hasn’t been a release date as of yet, but I can only assume “Sons of Anarchy” returns to FX late 2014.

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