I love sneakers and when I say love; I mean, outright, stalkerish, crazy, obsessive LOVE. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember dating back to at least 5th grade to my early thoughts. ( I won’t date myself just know its a good while ago) If i’m not wearing them, I am thinking about them, or how to acquire them. Here’s the thing sometime last year after missing out on a few releases (thanks Nike Bots smh) this started to change in some regard. Don’t get me wrong I still love sneakers but my need or want to have so many is passing, call it getting old but it just has.

So this year I have decided to test myself and see if I can purchase 5 or less sneakers total for the year. I almost hit the number last year if not for a few December purchases (Xmas KD VI and Xmas Kobe 8 SS for example) but this year i’m holding steady to do so. Is it going to be tough, damn right it will be; I have seen 5 sneaks in the past two days I wouldn’t mind owning but I must show restraint. Anyone that I tell I am going to try to do this laughs at me. They essentially tell me I’ll believe it when I see it and others say I have no chance.

I am crazy for thinking I can pull this off, probably but either way I am going to try. My first pickup of the year (hopefully) will be the Kobe 9 Elite “Masterpieces” on February 8th ; which leaves four more over the next 10 months. Sneaker God’s please pray for me.


– @IcebergAk

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