Batman vs Superman is going to be called…

So, as I troll the internet for comic book related news, I stumbled across an article on stating that a producer from Warner Bros. tweeted what the name for the Zach Snyder Batman vs Superman movie would be. Now, this producer(Daniel Alter) spilled the beans on who was going to play Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot), so he seems pretty credible and in the know.

The name for the movie will be Justice League!!! Now, this actually isn’t that big of a shock, when you look at the casting of the movie. You already have the big three, and their are rumors all over the net about Green Lantern and Flash. So, to have the five biggest characters in the DC universe, and not call it Justice League would be insane. I am not concerned about back stories for the characters. You can use this movie as a launching point for their individual movies. Just have to give them a big enough threat to bring them all together. The same producer hints at Doomsday and Lex Luther being at least two of the villains in the movie in some other tweets, so we shall see.

This news really excites me. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.


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