Teenage Sexting

17 year old girl, sends nudes to her 17 year old boyfriend. Said 17 year old girl has just committed child pornography. Distribution of a minor, which being 17, she is. Confusing? You aren’t the only one. In some states and countries it is illegal.

Check out this article on Cnet

Sexting teen convicted of child pornography
A teenage girl in Canada sends naked pictures of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend to a friend and posts one picture to the victim’s Facebook page. She is more or less the same age as the victim, yet is convicted of child pornography.

*sidebar* why are we spreading nudes? That’s just so childish (yes I know that they ARE kids, but still). I see nudes being leaked all over twitter damn near every week and it is disgusting. If you have a problem with your ex…settle it with them, PERIOD. The hell you sharing their nudes all on the internet. Grow the **** up! */end sidebar*

A court in Canada seems to have taken a very firm attitude in the case of a teenager from Saanich, British Columbia, who was in possession of naked images of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and disseminated them.
As CBC News reports, a judge in Victoria, BC, offered a literal interpretation of the teen’s actions.
It didn’t matter that her boyfriend had voluntarily shown her the pictures. It also didn’t matter that there was little age difference between the sexter and the victim.
At the time of the offense, the sexter was 16. Her aims were said in court to be humiliation and intimidation (she sent the victim texts threatening to “stomp” her).
But she was convicted on Thursday of possession and dissemination of child pornography and of threatening behavior.
Global News Canada quoted the sexter’s mother as saying last September: “It’s been so hard on all of us, especially my daughter, to have to go through all of this. It changed who she was as a person, and there’s more than just one victim in this whole situation.”
The defense lawyer, Christopher Mackie, says he will challenge the verdict on constitutional grounds. How can it be child pornography when adults can text naked pictures quite legally? There is, he argued, no aspect of this that might be termed child pornography.”These child pornography laws were intended to protect children, not to persecute them, and again it seems the criminal justice system — it’s a heavy hammer to be using,” he told CBC.”

So now this teenager is going to be classified as a child pornographer for the rest of her life. Seriously? We all have heard about cases from lawyers, judges, teachers, politicians, police officers along with the next door neighbor, being charged with distributing or having child pornography on their computers. THAT is something different.

I have several teenage nieces and nephews and I’m sure (disgusted like ewww) that they’ve sent shots of their body parts to people who “I promise, I won’t show ANYONE.” 3 weeks later because they broke up, the whole football team has seen the pics. Smh. Classifying THAT as child pornography is just DUMB.

I have sent BeauxKnows a plethora of nud…*call drops*

What I’m saying is that if the adults can send nudes to whatever adult they choose, if these teenagers choose to do the same, sobeit. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t think that they NEED to be focusing on anything sexual related until they’re in their 20’s, but I’m realistic.

NOW, if a teacher coerces a student to send a nude, that’s a WHOLE nother topic. But, and I hate to say this….teenagers will be teenagers. You don’t think if we had access to this kind of technology growing up that our body parts wouldn’t be all over?

In San Diego 2013

The individuals took pictures of themselves in very compromising positions, exposing various parts of their bodies, and very, you know, unflattering,” he said.
At least 30 students from six high schools and one middle school are involved. Police say possessing and distributing these types of images is considered child pornography and is against the law.
“Sometimes these go to places these young women had no idea they were going to go,” he said.
Read more of the sexting scandal here


Back in 2012, there was a survey done and here were the results:

Overall, 44% of adults in the U.S. believe that sexting is a very serious issue among teens.
Most adults (81%) would support state laws requiring schools to educate kids and parents about youth sexting.
Most adults do not favor legal consequences for sexting among minors.

Peep this article written a few days ago about snapchat

Posted: 01/07/2013
(WXYZ) – Parents do you know what Snapchat is? Some are calling the new mobile app the next Instagram but your teen may be using it for all the wrong reasons.
Teens are flocking to this new app that says to process over 30 million messages a day.
The appeal? Send a photo or video and it allegedly vanishes just moments after it’s received.
While some are calling it the next Instagram, Snapchat is making a name for itself as the newest sexting tool with teens.
In an age when teens are constantly being warned to be cautious of what they post online, Snapchat offers a degree of freedom. Its self-destructing messages last no longer than 10 seconds.
Sound too good to be true? It is.
Some photos aren’t forever vanishing into cyberspace.
While Snapchat has a feature to deter this from happening, recipients can still take a screen shot of incoming photos and save the image to their phone.
Plus, recently the blog Buzzfeed exposed an apparent security flaw, saying recipients are actually able to retrieve videos intended to vanish.
So parents, just how popular is the new app? Snapchat recently landed on Apple’s top ten more popular free apps and was mentioned more than 200,000 times on Twitter New Years Day.

Unfortunately, I know about snapchat smh and even my freshman in college nephew has told me about snapchat and what he’s “seen”.

So, I’ve told you my thoughts. What’s your take on charging teenagers with child pornography because they’re sexting nudes to their current boo?

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