Comic of the Week

This week was a little tough to pick a book of the week. I got four books this week, The Walking Dead, Talon, Daredevil Dark Nights, and Arkham War. All of them were really good books. None of them stood out at me during my first read. Once I read them again(I often read my books 2 times or more), I found one to be a little more enjoyable than the rest.

The Walking Dead is my pick for book of the week. This is part five of the ten part “All Out War” storyline. The battle between the communities, lead by Rick, and Negan is coming to a head. This is a story that has been building up for a very long time. The pacing has been slow at times. But the moments have been big, and impact-full. It’s been a delicate balance, and Robert Kirkman pulls it off better than most writers. I am really looking forward to how this all plays out. There are five more issues in this storyline, so there is a lot still to come.

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