App of the Week: Gas Buddy

Nowadays, one of the biggest expenses just about every body has is putting gas in their car. It is a universal issue. We all got to fill up, and it takes a big chunk out of all of our pockets. The way I have found to pay a little less at the pump than I have to is by using the Gasbuddy app. It’s super useful and easy to use.

20140113-112718.jpgAfter you open the app, you can create a user profile, so you can help keep the information on the app current. This isn’t necessary for using the app, though. You can just tap on the locator, and the app will find the gas stations close to you. You can then sort the information by distance or price. Once you find the gas station you want, you can even get directions. Not all gas stations are listed, but I would have to say a vast majority of them are listed.

20140113-113204.jpgI highly recommend this app. It’s great as you drive around town, or if you take trips. It’s a must have on your smartphone.

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