Beats Music Service

Seems everybody has to have a music service out there now. You can now throw Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine into that mix now with the Beats Music Service. This service launches on January 21, 2014, for $9.99. If you have AT&T, you can sign up for $14.99 and up to five people on your family plan can use the service. Their will be 20 ,Illinois songs available at launch, with unlimited downloads.

20140113-114400.jpgThis sound like pretty standard fair. There are a ton of music services out there already. You got Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music, ITunes Radio, and probably a dozen more that I have missed. They all basically do the same thing, for about the same amount of money. What will supposedly set Beats Music apart will be the way your playlists are generated. Once you sign up for the service, you tell them what your favorite genres are, then your favorite artist in that genre. Once you do that, the service will create playlists that will FEEL like those songs(their words), and you playlists will get even better over time as you like and dislike songs. They will have apps for mobile devices, and you will be able to listen online. Will you give this service a try? Or are you happy with what u already use to stream music?

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