ThunderCats was THAT show from the 1980’s, I believe that the 80-90’s were the best cartoons out there. Nowadays, there ARE no Saturday morning cartoons from 8AM-12PM CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and the WPIX would broadcast awesome cartoons. After school WPIX and FOX were the cartoon channels to watch from 2-5PM, The kids these days aren’t blessed with what we had and it really sucks. I still watch cartoons and I probably will until the day the Lord calls me home, I’m guessing another 60 with good behavior.

ThunderCats was my FAVORITE cartoon OF ALL TIME! Seriously. Panthro was black, ya’ll DO know that, right? LOL. My favorite character of course was Cheetara. She’s a “woman” she-cat with awesome powers, she totally let Lion-O win during the 5 day challenge. Do you remember that? Everyday I raced home to watch the challenge to see if Lion-O was going to be dethroned. Cheetara won…IDC, IDC!

Speaking of Cheetara, here’s some amazing deviant art for Justice Magazine.



I hope that one day we can see a live action ThunderCats…DONE RIGHT! Cartoon Network brought back a ThunderCats reboot and while it wasn’t the 80’s version, it was not THAT bad to watch, unfortunately they were canceled. Sigh. Until ThunderCats graces the big screen again, I’ll catch the 80’s movies on my DVDs.

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