Google TV and the NFL


Well it looks like the days of DirecTV holding the exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket may be coming to an end. The NFL is in talks with Google to offer live streaming of NFL games on YouTube through their Google TV service.

DirecTV has been the exclusive provider of the Sunday Ticket feature for years, but critics complain of the high cost and lack of customization. Currently if you are a fan of the Carolina Panthers and live in Boise Idaho your only (legal) option to see their games is to purchase the NFL Sunday Ticket package through DirecTV. Now this works fine if you own a home or have an apartment with a balcony, but for those who don’t this serviceĀ is not an option. On top of that you cannot limit yourself to just getting the Panthers season, you must sign up for a $300+ package to receive every game for every team even if you have no interest in watching any other teams play.

Google has said they hope to offer customers with the option to customize their NFL package and therefore limit the cost someone would pay. No need to pay for teams and games you are not going to watch, just follow your favorite team.

Currently DirecTV has a contract with the NFL to offer the Sunday Ticket through the end of the 2014 season. However, the NFL has asked for an increases from $1 billion to $1.4 billion to renew their contract and opened up negotiations with other competitors to offer the service. Whether this is a ploy to get DirecTV to shell out the additional $400 million, or to legitimately open up the service, remains to be seen but the idea of being able to watch NFL games on YouTube is an interesting idea to contemplate.

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