Instead of Ordering Chinese Food, Make Your Own

We all need to save some money here and there and honestly the best way that you can do it is STOP EATING OUT. Do you know how much money we waste on eating fast food restaurants or ordering food for dinner because we are just too tired or too busy to do anything. I know I’ve spent 100’s probably thousands last year on ordering food.

One of the things that I have started to do to save money is cut down on eating out. Actually, I’m trying to do one month of not eating out, just to see how much money I’ve saved. Take the money I would use for eating/ordering out and putting it in my savings account.

Well, I’d like to help you all save a little bit of money, even if it’s ordering 1 meal from the Chinese restaurant. One day this week instead of ordering Chinese food, make your own Chinese food.

Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein

homemade beef and broccoli lo mein
These are the ingredients that you need to make homemade beef and broccoli lo mein

homemade beef and broccoli lo mein
Chop up one whole onion and place your seasoned stir fry beef in a pan with 1/4 vegetable oil. Add Mongolian beef seasoning, broccoli, soy sauce, and water (I can’t tell you how much soy sauce to use, so I’ll say use your judgment and with the water just enough to not fully cover the meat.) As it bubbles use 1/3 cup of dark brown sugar. During this process you should have a pot of boiling water ready and spaghetti broken in half cooking at the same time.

homemade beef and broccoli lo mein
Once the spaghetti is done add your noodles and let it simmer in the juices until the beef and broccoli are tender, mix the noodles in the pan.

After the beef and broccoli is tender and your noodles have swelled up and turned brown you are ready to enjoy your dinner.

homemade beef and broccoli lo mein

You can also substitute broccoli for any vegetable you want, pictured below is beef and green beans lo mein.

homemade beef and broccoli lo mein

Grab some chopsticks and enjoy!

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  1. brownhonor05 says

    Delicious, absolutely delicious. made this for my lady and she loved it. Wasn’t too saucey and wasnt either, it held a perfect balance. Love extra soy sauce in mine so i added a bit more of that and the brown sugar but overall turned out great! My S/O asked for the recipe, I just looked at her and laughed, no way she enjoying this without me, lol

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