Senator @CoryBooker Funniest Politician On Twitter

Former Newark city mayor, Cory Booker, now Senator, is one of the funniest tweeters I follow. Now don’t get me wrong, Senator Booker also tweets other important political information, but as a rule, we do not discuss politics here on VixenVarsityUniversity. With that said, why don’t you follow along for a little while.

Senator Booker was traveling to Cape May on January 11th, as he was doing a run with with the Coast Guard recruits the following day. While he was riding down to Cape May, Cory Booker decided to hold an answer and question twitter session. Below are the tweets that had me laughing SO HARD I started to get a headache.

cory booker's tweets

When I read Cory Booker’s tweets I hear them in his voice, so it just made it equally funny to me. Follow Cory Booker on twitter.

Check out Senator Booker running with the US Coast Guard recruits, below.


I think that’s just swell of Cory Booker to run with them.

Does ANYONE remember the Hot Pocket tweets between Mayor Cory Booker and a constituent? iDied during the WHOLE interaction and what happened afterward.




😆 lmaoooooooooooooo

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