Gotham TV series

Well, Fox has bought the rights to the Batman property for television, and has ordered a show series for it. Filming is set to start in March. The air date is unknown, as of now. With Fox switching formats some, and starting shows when they think they are ready, I think this will start airing sooner rather than later.

Fox chairman Kevin Reilly seems to have really high hopes for this show. In an interview with Deadline, Reilly stated that the show will follow Bruce Wayne from about the age of 12 till he puts on the cowl. The show will also delve into the origins and history of a lot of the villains and James Gordon. Reilly even speaks on possible spinoff shows.

This kind of confidence and plan has given me pretty high hopes for this show. I am really looking forward to seeing the origin of Oswald Cobblepot, Selina Kyle, Edward Nigma, etc. before they are all costumed up. To see how the relationship develops between James Gordon and Bruce Wayne also interests me. James Gordon was the cop who investigated the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce’s parents. I am really looking forward to seeing what Fox does, and how this show develops.


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