Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron Breaking News

W.O.W. THR just broke some kickass news about Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron! There is a SECOND villain in this movie and it has been confirmed that it will be Baron Von Strucker and he will be played by, Thomas Kretschmann, he currently plays Van Helsing on NBC’s corny vampire movie, Dracula. Sorry Dracula fans, I fall asleep on this show every time. Something is definitely off about it, but I digress.

If you don’t know who Baron Von Strucker is in the comic book world, Von Strucker was a Nazi officer who eventually ended up being one of the leaders of HYDRA, a terrorist organization. Read more about Von Strucker at

Definitely not a far stretch for Thomas Kretschmann, he played a Nazi in the movie Valkyrie

This is Baron Von Strucker in the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon on Disney XD, which has been canceled for NO APPARENT REASON…but again, I DIGRESS



Other heroes and supervillians appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron are Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlett Witch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver (Those two are Magneto’s children. Ultron will be played by James Spader. Sounds like a kickass cast to me!!! Can’t wait to see it!

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