Babysitter Killed Toddler Because He Wouldn’t Stop Crying Sentenced to 5 Years

From Huffington Post

A Virginia woman who killed a 23-month-old boy out of frustration because he was crying was sentenced to just five years Monday. Fraraccio was entrusted as a babysitter to care for toddler Elijah Nealey. In August 2012, weeks before Elijah’s second birthday, Fraraccio killed him. On Monday, Judge J. Howe Brown sentenced the woman to 50 years, but suspended 45 years, The Washington Post reported. After her release in five years, Fraraccio will be ordered to send one dollar to a charity of her choosing on the date of the toddler’s death.

The Washington Post states The family and friends of the murdered child reacted angrily to the sentence, which is far below the 40 to 50 years that prosecutors had asked for. Brown said that he thought a long sentence would serve neither the Nealey family nor Fraraccio. “Nothing I can do brings back Elijah or makes them feel better,” he said about the boy’s parents. Of Fraraccio, he added, “Likewise, nothing I can do to punish her is more important than her memory of what she did.”

That left him with a sentence that, he admitted, would please nobody: “The sentence that I’m going to give is not going to satisfy probably anybody, and people may talk about it for a long time.” “That is an insult,” said Lucy Sineath, Elijah’s grandmother. “It would make me feel a lot better if she had gotten the full extent of the law.”

Mike Nealey, the child’s father, said he was shocked by the sentence. “I don’t know what would be right,” he said. “Not five years. That’s definitely not right.”

During the sentencing, Mike Nealey said: “We missed so many things with him, so many firsts. He missed his birthday, missed Halloween, missed Christmas, missed everything.”

Jennifer Nealey, Elijah’s mother, spoke of her dread of eventually telling her two daughters how their brother died and of explaining to children Elijah’s age why their playmate is gone. “Because of her, my friends’ children are going to have to learn that lesson way before they should have to. They’re going to have to know that there are monsters in this world.”

Initially Fraraccio said the boy had slipped in the tub and hit his head, but months later, she told police that wasn’t true.

In the end, Fraraccio told police that she was frustrated because Elijah was crying, prosecutor Teresa Polinske said. Fraraccio pulled a chair out from under him, causing the boy to hit his head on the table and floor.

Elijah cried harder in pain, and Fraraccio carried him around the house upside down, hitting the boy’s head on the metal stair rail and other objects, Polinske said. Fraraccio then covered his mouth and nose with her hand, suffocating him to death.

jessica fraraccio

Wait, WHAT? 1st the babysitter LIES about what actually happened to Elijah, then the truth was told. That little boy died in such a HORRIBLE way. So, because she “eventually” told the truth that she should be rewarded with only 5 years of jail time? This broad is going to forget ALL ABOUT LITTLE ELIJAH and move on with her life, when she turns 27. Back to the mall, back to celebrating birthdays, back to dating, having sex, starting a new relationship, breaking up with the new guy, starting a new job, getting a new place to live…do you see where I’m going with this? Everything that I just named, this poor little angel will NEVER do. EVER. I can not fathom that a judge would be SO lenient with this? CHILD ABUSE! So many children die everyday from child abuse, at the hands of parents, babysitters, mom’s new boyfriend or whoever. This woman was entrusted to take care of him and she killed him.

FIVE F****** YEARS!!!!!

I am beyond outraged behind this decision. This isn’t…right. *inhales* This is just NOT RIGHT! A dollar EVERY YEAR on his birthday to a charity?? What $50??? $50 and 5 years?? Are you sh***ing ME! Definitely a miscarriage of justice

Look at this little angel…


He did not deserve to die that way, no child deserves to die, no parent deserves to bury their child.

RIP to little Elijah Nealey.

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