One Of The Worst Chokes In Battle Rap – Illanoiz vs D Gunna


This battle took place on URL’s Proving Ground stage. The Proving Grounds (or PGs for short) is a stage on the URL platform for lesser known artists to get noticed. Think of it as the D league of URL. This is where the best upcoming battle rappers test their skill to see if they’re ready for the big stage.

In this battle we have Illanoiz (Brooklyn, NY) vs D Gunna (Cincinnati, OH). This was a great showing from Illanoiz but D Gunna loses my respect as of right now. Quitting in the middle of a rap battle is a no-no. Just because the crowd may not be reacting to your bars doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to win. I personally feel this is an embarrassment to everyone that has been on this stage and hopes to reach the PGs. I even tried to book him for a battle once but after this he needs to redeem himself ASAP or kiss his battle career goodbye. I don’t know of any league owners that will see this and be in a hurry to book him unless it’s to possibly get a great comeback battle from him. But enough of what i think. Watch the battle below and see for yourself.

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