Big Kannon vs Syah Boy – URL

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 2.20.33 AM

From URL’s “Sole Survivor” event back in October.

Big Kannon is one of the most underrated battle rappers and to finally see him back on URL’s main stage is a sign of the transition in battle rap. More battle rappers with substance are beginning to take over and he’s one of the few holding the flag for this revolution. Hey URL PLEASE have him on NOME 4 and SM4. You’ll thank me later.

Syah Boy had an impressive performance on the URL’s Rooftop PGs event and i was glad when i finally saw him on a main stage card. Although i feel like he lost this battle i think he deserves another shot but against someone more in his class like M Ciddy or even Nuborn.

Leave your comments below and tell us who you think won.

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